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Thread: do i deserve this

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    do i deserve this

    I thought i was a good judge of character but it seems that people change when money is involved this is my predicament 5 years ago i let a so called mate have a well bred pup free of charge as he wanted to work a lab on deer and the mother was very good on deer ; at the time i did not give him the pedigree as i did not want the pup to be a breeding machine . At the begining of this year he asked me for the paperwork as he wanted to breed from her to carry on his bitches line i agreed and a deal was struck for me to have a bitch pup out off the litter . Anyway the litter produced 2 bitches 5 dogs and that was a problem he wanted a bitch and i found out that he had promised another chap a bitch not enough bitches to go round , Well after a few phonecalls i managed to contact him to arrange collection of my pup , he said he had a issue and i could not have the pup is issue was that i had a buyer for the pup and he did not think that was fair yet he has got them advertised everywhere he has now resorted to not answering my calls again i had been offered good money for the pup and i feel robbed he goes as shadow on the forum so if you reading this, post a reply so you can at least defend your actions cheers the atom.

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    I take it that you didn`t let him have the pedigree papers?????????
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    Is it really that clear cut? It would be good to hear both sides before everyone jumps in and condemns.

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    Hi basil he has had the paperwork and has registered all the pups he is sitting on a few grand thanks to me

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    neil i hope he does come on to give his reply the only thing was i had a sale for the pup and i can only presume he is not happy me cashing in but i reckon that is my choice the pup was going to a good home with a promise of a pup later that is how i like to operate it helps pay for a bit of stalking

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    Is it really that clear cut? It would be good to hear both sides before everyone jumps in and condemns.
    I actually think it is
    If a bitch puppy has been promised, then a bitch puppy should be delivered
    It is that simple
    This is wot mates rates are about

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    move on matey, seems there is no reason to carry it forward anymore, put it down to experience and that youv'e lost a mate, every day is a learning day and some days are lessons.

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    But not all mates work like that stone and i can speak from experience

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    I feel if you had wanted the pup for your self like he did then you would have had a complaint. But i feel you are out of order wanting a pup just to sell on.


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