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Thread: Steyr Scout

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    Steyr Scout

    Hi all, i aquired a scout from a friend and he used LAPUA 100G in it. I do not know what else if anything he tried but i am not happy with the consistency i am getting.
    Anyone have one and if so what do you feed yours?

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    What calibre

    Would help if we have a calibre to work with.

    243 no doubt?

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    I had a .308 Tacticle Scout Elite, I couldn't get on with it, too heavy for stalking but even on a range, I struggled to get good accuracy with it so I PX'd it. Might just have been me, not sure. PM "mack" from this site, he has one, although I think his is .308, As had been suggested, I suspect yours is .243

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    Sorry guys, head up arse at moment, its .243

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    Surprised to hear that you are getting poor consistency

    As I recall, the reviews published when the rifle was launched were complimentary

    Just a thought - how quickly do you shoot a group? That thin barrel is very prone to heating

    Suggest that you space out your shots and see if that makes any difference

    Shoot, say, one shot every 3 minutes and see if consistency improves.

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    What is the twist rate of the barrel?

    Also, have you tried dropping down to 80 or 75 grainers to see if the group tightens?


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    Don't know if the Scout is anything like my Steyr Mannlicher Classic in .243, but I couldn't get any ammo to print until I started using RWS. I now use 100 grain T Mantel and get 6 tenths of an inch, three shot groups at 100 yards. With such a slim barrel the third shot is a flyer, unless I let the barrel cool down after the second shot. The only other ammo that would group was Remington 95 grain AccuTip, but they were ballistic tipped and, in my opinion, unsuitable for deer, but mustard on foxes.

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    Try a lighter bullet, say between 75 and 90 grains. Could you elaborate on poor consistency?

    I must confess that I have never used factory fodder in my Scout, but with reloads it shoots anything from 55 grain to 85 grain heads with great accuracy.

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    My .243 only goes for 70 to 85grain. Only after floating the barrel and a trigger polish as well. A shooter I know with many more years of experience than me has had plenty of .243's and says 100gr is pretty optimistic in all of them.

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    I wish to correct a typo error in my previous post. The Remington ammo I used was 75 grain not 90.............

    Rifles, like my Steyr Mannlicher, with a 1 in 10 barrel twist, may not handle 100 grain ammo. I was pulling my hair out trying various ammo and as soon as I used the RWS 100 grain T Mantel the lights went on. That rifle nearly went in the hedge, as I got more and more frustrated, but perseverance won the day. I made sure I bought plenty of rounds, (from the same batch) and I now have plenty of confidence in RWS.

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