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Thread: 220 grn 30-06

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    220 grn 30-06

    hi just wondered if anybody uses 220 grn 30-06.Do they have any more noticable knock down power and recoil etc?

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    I used to use 220ge round nose ammo in think bush in north west province in south africa, when hunting worthog's or lager antelope, the main reason was that brussing seem to be more to do with velocity, ans 220gr at 2300fps seemed to bit just as hard as 165gr at 2850fps ish but there was less meat damage, relcoil was not noticable deffrent,

    i would only recommed them if you shooting at 200yards or less ( 200 yard shot where few and far between where i used to hunt) my longer shoot was less than 120yrds
    ,bye luke

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    i would have taught that a 220grn bullet was mainly used on larger species rather than hunting deer in ireland or the british isles

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    The .30 calibre 220 grain bullets being of round nosed configuration should expand more quickly than a spitzer or pointed bullet. They should work well on UK deer. The fight path will be more arched due to their lower velocity and some may notice more recoil than say a 150 grain loading.

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    tikka , i have shot a few impala with 220 in the 30-06 and there was a lot less meat loss than as shot placement taken with 243 and 70gr softs

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