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Thread: Quads what would you buy???

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    Quads what would you buy???

    Looking for second-hand quad with a trailer, I have been looking in usual mags etc and roughly know what I want, but before I commit is there anybody out there who would recommend one particular make and model or which type to steer clear of, you know the trouble that people have that never gets picked up in mags and you get to know when its to late.



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    At the farm that I go to,they wouldn't consider anything other than a Honda.

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    As previously mentioned Honda are excellent. Yamaha and Suzuki are worth keeping in the frame though, especially if you are not using/abusing it everyday.

    The make to stay well away from though is Polaris...they are not in my experience up too much. One of the many design faults with them is the chain drive which means you have no engine breaking when going down steep hills...a rather unnerving experience I can assure you!

    If you want the market leader which will hold its value pretty well, it has to be a Honda, if you want something that you will keep untill it dies, consider a Yamaha or Suzuki.

    All the best


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    Honda. No cocking about. I run three myself, family and friends all also run Hondas. Buy a Fourtrax, Foreman or Big Red - not a Rincon.

    You may be interested in this recent test done by Farmers Weekly:

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    If its in budget I wouldnt get a quad, I would get a kawasaki mule. They are brilliant. They can tow, carry and make a great lamping vehicle.
    Having said that I must admit I have never owned a quad. I got the mule because I wanted a vehicle the kids could drive without fear of it turning over.


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    I would recommend a suzuki eiger 400 4wd it has not let me down at all even though when i bought it had high miles on it. . My mates honda is great also but i rekon that for the same features he paid about 500 more than me! As for a trailer i made mine if you have the facilities it is easier than you think and you can easily make them safer and stronger and cheaper than a ready made.

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    Honda, no choice. Honda stuff just works!

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    I don't think with any of the modern quads you will go far wrong, except maybe Polaris, they probably have improved but I don't trust them from years back.

    You have to consider several things really that will relate to your needs for it. Do you want manual or automatic transmission, what size of engine, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, or selectable. Honda's are undoubtedly good and hold their price the downside of this is they command a greater price second hand, as has been pointed out you could get the same spec quad from a different maker, cheaper.

    When I got mine I had certain criteria in mind. I wanted an automatic, big boots covered in muck and my wonky back/legs do not make for snappy gear changes. More often than not now I end up using my hand to change up on a manual, way too much bending about. It does not have to work for it's living other than carting me and my "cargo" about. I wanted selectable 4 wheel drive prefereably with permanent 4 wheel as a second option, and I really did not need more than a 400/450 cc engine.

    What I ended up with was a Kawasaki KVF360, it is automatic, selectable 4 wheel drive, high and low ratio, variable front locking diff, an engine braking system and is rated to pull 1100 lbs. Why that particular model? because it was there and the right price.

    I already had a trailer all I needed was a couple of ramps but I will get around to a bigger tailgate.


    PS Malc will tell you it has to be Honda

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    I would not look past a honda, i have the 450 ES which i bought 2nd hand from a local dealer.I have had no real problems with it save from having to fit an isolator because of the battery draining and the electronic shift sticking occasionally. If i was buying again i would go for the same type but a manual shift.

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    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply,
    Going to look at a a couple this week,
    both are at dealers.


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