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Thread: Darting Deer

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    Darting Deer

    Could someone give me the chapter and verse on what is required to get a dart gun and to access immobilon.


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    Hi, give Mike a call at Jelen Deer I'm sure he'll give you all the help you need.


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    Thanks for that will do.

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    All you need for the FAC variation is good reason as with any other firearm. Assume you already hold a FAC?

    The tricky parts are the legal issues regarding the supply of very dangerous drugs. It is much easier if we are talking park deer, you hold a suitable dart gun and vet comes along and supervises the darting. There needs to be 2 people present. It is illegal for you to have the drug in your possession 'just in case' it has to be prescribed to individual animals [or a group of animals] under the specific care of a veterinary surgeon.

    Maybe you would get better help if you explained your situation a little more?

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    You might want to consider some of the information and issues raised in this previous thread before making a decision.

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    Why?? Who ?? still uses immobilon?
    Asiatics or large antelope?
    Not reds & fallow surely?

    Cheers Sharkey

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