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Thread: unusual double

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    unusual double

    Last night , on my way home i leant on a gate having a smoke and watching the world go by . Just now i could hear the distand call of canada geese so i crouched behind the hedge and as luck would have it the end bird just came into range so up and bang , the goose flinched a bit and set its wings , coming down 2 fields away . No dog , so off i go and by the time i reached it i could see the goose was dead with its wings spread out just as it had landed , imagine my suprise upon picking it up to find it had landed on a covey of partridge and smothered the lot ! i was that shocked my second barrel went off killing a fox in the hedge who must have been after a free goose supper .

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    yeah right

    I hope you checked behind the fox to make sure you hadnt whacked the Tooth Fairy as well

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    WOW. Nice shooting mate. Thats unreal..Any pics

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    Made my miserable Monday morning more managable !

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    Quote Originally Posted by baconbuttie View Post

    Made my miserable Monday morning more managable !
    Here you go..Heres another one of his classics

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