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Thread: PSE Rifle Stock

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    PSE Rifle Stock

    Got my new stock for my Tikka T3 today form Edi at PSE composites, very nice stock indeed. Initially I was worried about the colour as a flat black, but its actually the exact colour I like. I had visions of a black like black board paint, but wents for Eds advice and its cracking.The stock is finished to a high standard and fits the action like a glove. I have only put the rifle barrel in loose for now as I still have to blue the barrel and noticed it sits higher in the inlet than the normal tikka stock, soon warmed to that and relised that it also raises the centre of gravity and of course stops me straing my neck now. Very nice, and very pleased, certainly fasr better quality and design than my bell and Carlson on my remmy 700.

    Cheers Edi


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    Have one of Edis stocks on my Howa, stiff, very light, excellent fit and finish, heavily stippled for a good grip. Mines the green/black blend and to be honest the paint is the only let down mine has worn through in several places and has not been abused.

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    can you put some photos on for me

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    I will get Michelle to post some pictures of the stock and also a video link of it being shot so you can get an idea. Will take a couple of weeks at least as the guns in pieces as being worked on at the moment.

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    Thanks Pete, you'll see the action normally fits fairly tight and falls into place when you tighten the action screws.
    Be carefull that the alu recoil lug is slotted in the action when tightening. I sometimes just put a tiny drop of super
    glue on the lug and glue it lightly on the action before sitting the action in the stock.

    Rooster, pm sent.
    I have been trying out many things to improve the paint durability, we have even made our own paints based on
    epoxy resins and pigments that we think suit. One stock is being tested in NZ another in Germany.
    We have also learnt a bit about duracoat and newer paint jobs are more durable. We changed the primer which
    seems to give the paint better backing. I am also totally convinced that the paint hardener ratio that Lauer advise
    is not absolutely right and it seems more durable with a slightly higher hardener ratio.
    Nice thing about duracoat is that one can respray if it looks tatty and have a new looking stock maybe even in a different colour.

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    do you do one for the m595 action

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    Hi EdiI saw what you mean regarding the recoil lug, actually thinking of getting the guys at work to make me a stainless one thats a bit longer than the Tikka Aluminium one.When Michelle has done the pics I will send them too you and also the video if you want to upload it to your site, she is very good with a camera so should get good shots.pete

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    Looking forward to pictures.
    Just be carefull with the lug not being too long as you don't want the lug to take vertical pressure,
    rather have the action being tightened against the stock than on to the lug.

    Jay22, sorry not at ther moment.
    I have not even handled a m595.
    How much does it differ from a T3?
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    Ahhh ok Edi.....I take it I dont need to bed the lug either? What I shall do is use the original super glued in place and set how it sits when put in the stock and tightened.



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