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    G'day, from a poor simple deer hunter from downunder.
    I have a particular interest in hunting, game management & the ecology & biology of deer.
    It's been about 40 years now since I caught the bug & have been diagnosed as a clinical "Deer Tragic".LOL
    So much so I acquired a wee block of land a decade or so ago, & now breed & manage several species of deer & antelope.
    Amazingly, I'm still married after 25 years,with two great sons,with little interest in deer.Smart lads.
    Looking forward to sharing a few yarns with a some other tragics.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Welcome to the Forum. I find it most interesting to read about all things Hunting related from overseas. I am sure you will find our Firearms laws particularly amusing.
    Would be nice to see some pics of your collection.


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    G'day Yorkie
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Yea I've got a few (another of my many vices).They're stored at a few different places I have,too many for one safe.
    I like Win model 70's with CRF & have sveral of these,which I hunt with myself up to 375 wby.For work, around the farm & elsewhere Ive got a few mausers from 270win to 450 lott,but I could really do it all with just one 30 06.
    These days I shoot more deer with a dart gun than anything else,it's different to keep them alive & see them get up again ( I'm starting to sound old eh ? lol) & free deer is always good.Often it's good public relations to ,when a hunter rescues poor bambi.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Hi Sharkey and welcome to the Forum and the long suffers club. Sound young to me! Our 40th is coming up and we will be spending it in Adelaide & Sydney with the kids and grand-kids. What types of deer and antelope have you got? I imagine you have pretty strict laws against alien species escapees.

    Best regards


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    G'day Bob
    Great name you must be a good bloke.I come from a long line of Bobs.We also have two members of parliament in NSW for the Shooters Party ,both Bob's & fairdinkum blokes too.
    I have sambar,persian fallow (domestic pure),javan & moluccan rusa,chital,blackbuck & english,german & yugo & comercial/hybrid reds,plus some strays which I ocassionally save & home.
    Yes the "vertebrate pest authority","invasive species council" , "non indigenious animals department" & a host of other antis keep me on my toes.
    I do a wee bit with a few hunting & industry orgs making sure our kids & theirs can still hunt & we have an environment which sustains this.
    Will you be here over our summer or winter?How do you go in 50C in the shade?
    Have you been down here before? We have lots of space & distance has a different meaning.
    I'm in Sydney a few days most weeks,who knows ? your visit may allow you a few days in the bush If it can be arranged or a meeting & night at one of the local deer hunting clubs.(We can PM on here can't we? stay in touch if you wish).

    Cheers "Sharkey Bob"

    PS. Thanks for the welcome JAYB

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    Thanks Glensman
    Looking forward to getting to know all the characters on here.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Welcome Sharkey. Some photo's from downunder would be great.

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    G'day Cougar
    Struth! I've been here 5 mins & you're giving me homework already.LOL
    Yes mate, I'll post photos of some real deer when I get this interweb stuff sorted,( I've only just come out of the cave,this electrickery is bloody great eh?).

    We are sambar centric down here so apoligies in advance if it gets a bit tiring.

    Cheers sharkey

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