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Thread: Cornish Newcomer!

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    Cornish Newcomer!

    Hi all,

    New to all this forum stuff, but will tell you a bit about me!

    I live and breathe shooting and have done for over 40 years!

    I currently hold shooting permission to 30,000 acres all over Devon and Cornwall and carry out all forms of pest control, organised days out and deer management.

    My main income stream and enjoyment comes from managing a wild herd of fallow deer in Devon.

    Anyone wanting more info on me or my shooting, get in touch!



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    Welcome to the site, just go careful of advertising without being a trade member,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello Brian

    Time we caught up!


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    Welcome to the forum from another newcomer in cornwall,i would be interested to hear from any of you fellow cornishmen who may have stalking available for a novice,i have my own rifle and recently passed DSC1 in the summer,looking to get my first kill under my belt.

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    Well hello to all the Cornish newcomers to the site!!!
    I just recently joined too!!!

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    Welcome our ranks are growing

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    how about a pub meet sometime??
    i am in south east cornwall,near liskeard....

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    Welcome to the forum,i am from plymouth, i know i know wrong side of the river! Or is it?
    all the best Will

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    Maybe us devon/cornwall boys could do a bit "stalking swaps"
    Makes life a little more interesting!

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