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Thread: Converting my garage to get my VDL.

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    Converting my garage to get my VDL.

    I have been speaking to my local council about getting a venison dealers license so that i can sell on what i shoot and stay legit and above board.

    After initial talks, i have been told i can convert my garage. I must put some kind of easily wipeable material on the walls. The council were not particularly helpful with what i should use and i wondered if anyone here has any suggestions.

    I would also be interested to know if anyone on here has converted a garage/shed for the same reason and if so if any pictures are available.



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    David, I did similar and registered as a food business form my garage /utility room. Most info you need is in here:
    Main things you need are cleanable surfaces and potable water. Don't mention 'processing' i.e. sausages/burgers as this requires addition of other products such as pork and leads to problems with 'traceability' which is a minefield. If you are just cutting venison and supplying your family and friends then you should be ok. Don't forget the council is a government agency so you are better off giving stuff away so you don't have to pay tax!! Some of your friends may like to make a donation to the cost of your ammo though! Think carefully about where your waste will go!! You should be able to leave all but the skin in the field? Then it is pretty much dry waste. The only thing they picked me up for was my clothing - but then I always have been a victim of fashion!! Good luck!

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    Could you get away with some kind of washable or rubberised paint etc?

    I can't believe how much Big Brother is watching you guys over there. All I do is hang the carcass in my carport and butcher it there and it's none of anyone's business what I do with the meat.

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    White plastic cladding of the sort used in kitchens is pretty affordable, it was about 3 for a 6'x3' sheet last time I bought some.

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    Where do you get it from?



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    I've seen similar in B+Q megstores - it's a sheet of fake 'tiles' for use in bathrooms/showers/caravans.


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    I'll have to keep an eye out for those...

    The local farm supply place sells white plastic sheets known as "Dairy cladding"...IIRC, they are 8'x4' and about 3/16" thick, but they are about 18 each with VAT which means cladding a room gets expensive quick.



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    Here's the stuff Ive used for kitchens chills etc very costly probably as cheap plaster boarding and tiling the plasterboard

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    Wall coverings

    I wouldn't get too carried away with expensive wall coverings as they may not be necessary. Unless you are cutting things up with a chainsaw they are unlikely to get much on them anyway. My walls are just painted with a smooth masonary paint which is afterall washable. Best thing to do is get the place clean and tidy and get an inspection done. In my experience they are not out to get you or shut you down before you even start. It costs nothing too. They will look at what you have and advise you as to what you need to do. My local office were really pleased that I was doing things by the book and were only to pleased to help.

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    I think thats good advice...

    Part of the problem is that what is deemed acceptable varies from council to council...

    While all want the surfaces to be waterproof and easily cleanable, my council for instance wouldn't accept ordinary paint of any sort, only the two part epoxy paint which was around 60 per liter when I priced it up...

    They were very helpful though and quite willing to take into account that I would have been operating on a very limited scale, so I agree its worth taking their advice before starting...



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