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Thread: Pulsar N550 problems

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    Pulsar N550 problems

    Hi, I seem to be having a few issues with my pulsar N550 & wonder if anyone else has experienced similar. During daylight, dusk or dawn the light intensity does not seem to work & everything appears as a white-out with only the darkest features visible. I am also having trouble focusing on anything past 200 yards or closer than 50 yards. Any advise welcome before I return it to the shop. Cheers Wingy

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    Hi Wingy,
    I have no such problems with mine. what i have found though is that having let a left handed mate have go the clarity was reduced due to the adjustment on the eyepiece being moved one way and not back. If there is a possibilty that somehow the dial on the eyepiece has been reset you will find the picture blurred. To reset this best look throught the scope in darkness concentrating on a solid object at about 30m. Now adjust both the eyepiece and paralax nob (at the far end of the scope) untill the image is clearest. Once the eye piece is set for this distance it should not need readjusting at all.

    With regard to the degree of light i do find mine is a bit light in daylight but do not use it in day really. I have noticed that if the shade knob is adjusted sometimes the change is minimal or delayed until the unit is turned off and on again.

    If this does not help i would call Thomas Jacks direct on - 01789 264 100 you will find them very helpful.

    What a fantastic piece of kit though, what calibre is yours on?

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    Cheers, for the advise I've only used it a couple of times since buying it and only in the dark before this last weekend when I discovered these problems, no issues before. I have fixed it to a Tika T3 varmint in .243. I have also removed the base of the pulsar and machined out my standard mounts to countersink the pulsar fixing screws, this lets the scope lie just above the barrel like a conventional scope

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