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Thread: DSC2 First Stalk Tips

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    DSC2 First Stalk Tips

    I registered for DSC2 a couple of months ago so I could go on one of the BASC Arran stag weeks. I'm a recreational stalker and all my stalking is on paid days. I think I might as well get the whole DSC2 thing underway but am not sure what's expected of me. I have a stalk booked next week with a chap who happens to be an accredited witness. I will have a chat with him first but don't want to appear totally ignorant. What should I expect on my first outing? Obviously questions etc , but as its his land he still has ultimate say on what is shot. Also is there anything I need to take with me, obviously I always stalk with what I consider I need - knife, gloves etc, but should I be looking at carrying water, first aid kit, rope etc? Usually I'd leave this kind of stuff in the truck.

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    Gully if you are asking your not ready go out with the AW and ask him to teach you what is required DMQ 2 Is a skill based assessment and you need to be at that level before you go on Lev2 stalk .

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    OK, maybe I've mis-worded it. I'll clarify. I would not normally take a first aid kit on my person, I like to travel light. I'm happy with my stalking practices but wonder whether there are things that they expect box-ticking on.

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    Discuss any queries with your Approved Witness. Keep in mind he may be browsing this forum too.

    Good luck. JCS

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    It can be a stressful process and appreciate that at times a million questions come up. A great many of them should be answered by the CD that is issued to candidates - after June 2010 I think - correct me if wrong! In addition, the DMQ website has guidance notes - these make very useful reading.

    Second line of enquiry is the AW you are going out with and/ or your noted Assessor.

    As has been put above, the L2 is an assessment of your practical skills. It is the application of the theory learnt at L1. Ultimate bottom line is follow line taken in the L1 manual.

    Each of us is different and no two stalks are identical. There is no single approved way to gralloch for example. So long as your technique satisfies the requirements of the circumstances and the intent that the carcase is part of the food chain, then your approach must meet criteria ( lot of assumptions in there I know! ). But that methodology applies through all the ICR individual criteria.

    If going to ground unfamiliar to you, it is more than reasonable to enquire of the AW what equipment he would recommend for that ground.

    Suitable knives, first aid kit, safety kit, means of extraction etc are all fundamentals. The extent of that kit should reflect the ground and circumstances.

    If you dont get anywhere with your AW or have some specifics you would like to cover off - out of the public eye, please feel free to PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudy65 View Post
    Gully if you are asking your not ready go out with the AW and ask him to teach you what is required DMQ 2 Is a skill based assessment and you need to be at that level before you go on Lev2 stalk .
    An approved witness is just that,a witness,he/she should not have to learn you anything,if your not ready,get some more experience perhaps under an approved witness,who will probably,maybe not charge for his time
    Ask the AW what he expects of you kit wise and ask him plenty of questions about the DMQ 2 and I'm sure he/she will fill in any blanks,good luck with it
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    I'm a AW give me a shout if ya need 07739187682

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    If you scroll down through the document there is a list of the standard sort of questions an AW should ask you to cover the performance criteria (the PC's)

    If your happy with what you would say if you were asked these questions you will be far more relaxed about actually stalking because you know your fine. Good luck!

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    Thanks for all the replies. You've all answered my question in that its fine to discuss it in advance with the AW. I was concerned that by asking them a question in advance I'd fail that PC. Maybe I'll take next week's stalk as a 'mock' DSC2 stalk and see how it goes.

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    relax and enjoy
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