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Thread: The gralloch

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    The gralloch

    What do you all do with your Gralloch, I shoot most of my deer on very heavy land, so if I'm to bury all of them I'll need to hire a JCB.
    Does anyone know if deer see the gralloch whether they know it's from another of they're own kind and if so how will this effect they're movements? Is this an odd question?

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    I have to take my gralloch home where I freeze it and then put it in the recycling bin on the day they are collecting. I used to leave it on the farm for foxes etc to clear up but when the farmers dogs came out of the bushes with a fine pair of lungs and the other had a pair of balls in his mouth, I was not popular!

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    I left mine where it was, except for the genitals, which for some reason I felt compelled to throw as far as I could. Perhaps I just wanted to see how far I could throw them.

    I let the buzzards and the lizards fight for the gizzards.

    It was all gone in 24 hours.

    I don't know what happened to the genitals.

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    You'd think it would all go in no time but I've still got paunch bags in the middle of a field of fresh drilling from 2 weeks ago and the Fallow have all vacated the area. It's either this or the fact that there are a few of their mates missing and they've clocked the danger. I shot 5 deer from this area in 10 minutes the other day and there was a gang of 20 or so watching me dress all of these out 30 minutes later, perhaps this has spooked them big time?

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    ball tossing


    Thanks for brightening my afternoon with your testicle tossing!! I have mental images galore and a few questions;

    do you make sure there is no one in the target area?
    does the species make a difference?
    do you keep records of your personal best? (if so you might start a league or something)
    what are the xmas deccies like round you, baubles and such like?

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    Re: ball tossing

    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog
    do you make sure there is no one in the target area?
    I've just recently completed my DSC1 and there was a whole lecture on this, at least I think it was on this.

    They were very keen to highlight that you had to be sure of your backstop before you threw any testicles and it was a big no-no to throw testicles at something that was skylined.

    Those people with older DSC certificates will not have done this section and so they have to get themselves up to speed with recent "best practise" and apply to get a new certificate. My certificate specifically mentions testicle tossing and how I am safe to carry out such activities.

    In order that any tossed testicles can be identified and traced to their source it is necessary to label them with your trained hunter and testicle tosser number.

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    Oh dear, I hadn't though about a safe backstop when I threw them. I did hear a wet 'plop' when they landed, I just hope I wasn't under the legal minimum fps/ftlbs.

    I have written it into my will that I want to buried wherever my final pair of gentitals land. Let's hope the penis stays attached to the testicles or it could be an interesting funeral.

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    Just thought I'd add that I think that this thread is turning into a load of ..........

    Sorry. Bottled out. Can't bring myself to do it.

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    I just make sure that the gralloch is not near any burns etc and just before i leave i open the bags up with my knife it helps it degrade.With regards deer smelling the gralloch they certainly can for a long time .But they can also smell were the beast fell just as much so if you want to leave as little sent as you can gralloch were your beast falls and carry your deer off were possible don't drag . ps so if a see a small seedy looking chap with a pair of balls in his mouth ill know that Snowstorm has been up to know good and will have been attached to them at one time

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    Shootingduckdog wrote

    what are the xmas deccies like round you, baubles and such like?
    Did you have something like this in mind. This is the Muntjac themed Xmas deccie


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