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Thread: Gun Safe Foam Divider Inserts

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    Gun Safe Foam Divider Inserts

    Evening all,

    Any one know where i can get hold of some foam inserts for my safe (dividers)? The length must be 40" with the ability to fit 3 rifles a 1 SG in.

    I've been looking every where on the net including flee bay !



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    Hey Carl,

    What are you looking to do - quoting the rifles you need to get in sounds like a cabinet requirement rather than the foam - is it not worth going to the local drapers/upholsterers and having some cut to fit your requirements? Certainly worth it if you're looking for a snug fit...

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    Not sure if this is any help but maybe worth giving them a call, it says you can use your own template :
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    You mean one of these?

    Magnetic Fast Gun Shotgun Rifle Fishing Rod Safe Rack | eBay

    Brattonsound do sell them as a spare part, but they get quite dear once you add on shipping and VAT

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    Looked at both options lads. I'm going with Apache's link, seems like it will do the job until the SG turns up and then its new cabinet time! Mrs will love it!

    Many thanks to all.

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