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    Sods Law

    Out yesterday evening. Slightly drizzly and misty so wore full waterproof kit and wellies. The light wasn't good and a beast came out and stayed very close to the treeline on the far side of the steep valley I was in. It was just within range and I took it, with what I felt was a killing shot.

    Estimated the position on the treeline as carefully as possible, collected the dog and set off up the oppsite slope. Got to the position, no obvious deer. Dog puts head down and heads into tree line in very determined fashion, me in tow. ( Hadn't thought to bring his 'winter' disco flashing collar).
    Dog going like a train, deeper and deeper into wood ( 60 odd very rough and undulating acres). Me starting to worry about having a wounded beast as light gets worse and worse. Dog does complete circuit of wood, still nose down, going like a train. Arrive back at point where we entered wood, me lathered in sweat. Find deer stone dead on opposite side of bush where we entered. Dog looks very pleased with himself and gives me his there you go dad look.

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    Now that made me smile. Clever dog!!

    Was there sign that the deer had actually gone full circle, or was the dog having a laugh??

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    Nice one Roger. I think some of my spaniels would like to do that to me.
    "get the fat git with the whisltle running" I,m sure it goes through there mind

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    Damn that made me laugh. good skills.

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    I sometimes wonder what goes on in a dogs mind

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    The dog obviously needed a bit of a ramble. I think dogs will always take the long way if allowed to do so.

    Cute story.


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