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Thread: DSC1 course in Essex?

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    DSC1 course in Essex?

    I know of the BASC run course in Epping, but are there any other DSC1 courses in Essex? Or within 20-30 miles of Chelmsford?

    Cheers Graham

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    But Epping is within 20-30 miles of Chelmsford ?


    PS: Welcome to the forum by the way

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    Welcome Graham.

    Not aware of any other courses run local to Chelmsford. You could do distance learning and just take an assessment?
    Is it BASC you're worried about or Epping?! (BASC also run a course at Pulborough, not too far out of the way if dates are an issue)

    Have you considered a weekend course and staying away (if time in the week is an issue) - check out Jelen Deer Services, who run a course over a weekend.

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    I was just making sure there are no other recommendations out there for courses in the Essex area. BASC isn't a problem, but you have to become a member, something I wouldn't otherwise do.

    The 60 membership is likely to be much less than the accomodation I would have to pay if I had to travel.

    Thanks for the replys.


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    If you are not already with Basc then which association are you currently with and are they DSC1 course providers?

    More to the point, if you aren't with any association are you insured?

    60 with Basc gets you insured, lined up for a Dsc1 and a whole load of other member benefits

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    I have separate insurance which covers me for shotgun and deer stalking. Think I am going to join the BASC, then not renew my separate insurance next year. Thanks for all the replies.

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