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    New moderator

    Hi guys.
    I'm in the market for a new sound mod. Iv used T8's in the past and always found them ok but just wondered if anyone has any experience with other makes and how they compare to the T8.
    Cheers. Matt.

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    there are a lot of different mods on the market. it depends on what you want to spend on one. also what style you would like ? over barrel or a just a front end mod like a ase jet z

    then there are the 3rd eye tactical mods which are getting good press for there build and performance. you also have the lightweight mods like the roedale etc.

    there is also the dm80 over barrel mod which is around 150 new. they can be stripped and also offer very good performance.

    pick one which suites your shooting and price range. myself i like the ase mods. they are dear but built to last and offer great performance for there size

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    Hi Matt im also a T8 and T4 user but have also got a Ase utra Jet Z and a Northstar which are both very good but are a tad heavy..nothstar comes back over the barrel slightly and the jet Z is end of barrel job...i dont find them any diff in sound to the T8/4


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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5/284matt View Post
    Hi guys.
    I'm in the market for a new sound mod. Iv used T8's in the past and always found them ok but just wondered if anyone has any experience with other makes and how they compare to the T8.
    Cheers. Matt.
    Hi there

    I used a few - some over barrel, some not - but I've settled on an ASE Compact on my 7mm08. As the 7mm08 has a reasonably heavy but short barrel it is ok with the weight and the balance is not upset. On my .243 - which has a lighter barrel - I use the A-TEC which is very light and, despite much coverage on this site, I've not noticed any burnout.

    Of the two though, I'd suggest that the ASE is the better mod in terms of both suppression and build. That said, it's not a comfortable choice for a light barrel.

    After using Wildcats for a while I've moved away from over barrel mods as there are some pretty short and light weight mods around these days that don't upet the balance quite so much.

    Hope helps


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    There is an earlier thread on this. I like the AU-SL5 as per my gallery.

    Regards JCS

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    Have a look a this , I think this will be the next one I go for.

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    I would check out some of the other threads on here about third eye personally, looks great, fantastic engineering skills, but if you care about sound moderation forget it! I had one and it got sent back within a week. I will say in their defence they did not quibble about a refund. I use a PES T12, yes they are heavier than some, but of all the mods I have used I haven't found one to rival them on supression.

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    We're just setting up with Jackson Rifles and received blurb through on the Atec Maxim - and the Ase SL series mentioned by JC.

    Currently have a S5 on personal rifle and other than weight, love it - as bomb proof as you will get. The SL looks interesting and like the blurb on the Maxim - reasonable weight and steel where it matters.

    Looks like I'm just going to HAVE to do some testing, its a hard job but....
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. I think I'm more confused now than Before as a few more makes have cropped up. I keep leaning back towards the T8 cos I know where I am with them.

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