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Thread: Macrh and shoot Arran prize

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    Macrh and shoot Arran prize

    I would like to start by thanking everyone who made it possible for such a good prize to be offered for the march and shoot auction and for the wonderful week I had on Arran. I went there not knowing anything about the island only that it was on the west coast of scotland just below where I spend alot of time. I arrived on the island to loads of snow and freezing weather so knew it would be hard going but I was going to give it my best.

    after booking in to where i was staying I got my glasses and went for a look , it wasnt very long before I saw a hind and calf near the road feeding.

    On the monday morning we had the meeting where you get all your instructions for the week and meet the other stalker on the BASC sheme then it is off to the range for the zeroing. Zeroing done and then bob and griff give you your beats for the week, I was put with a lad that had been there a couple of days so he had an idea as to where we should start looking for deer in the beats, so we left the range and headed for our forest as it was a lovely sunny afternoon but still very cold. When we got to the forest we parked up and glassed the side of the forest and I saw a calf lying down just inside the fence about 2 miles away so me and danny got our kit on and went after the calf, after stalking for over an hour due to the weather you could not move very fast we got within 200 yards when it stood up so we laid down I lent on the bi pod and took aim on the calfs chest bang and the calf fell over good old 270. That was number one in the bag and had only been stalking under two hours so of to a good start, we got up to the calf and took the guts out then radio griff who came with the quad and got it out for us, glad I never had to drag it out all that way. The rest of the week was hard going but we did see deer every stalk but we just never managed to get near them with the amount of snow on the hills around the forest, well over a foot in places. On my last morning the thursday I only had til lunch to see if we could find some more deer, as I had to get home to take a friend out from Norway stalking for the weekend. The weather had changed in the night and it had rained, so most of the snow had gone so we now had a chance. We stalked the road alone and spotted a hind in range so I took aim and the hind collapsed at the shot, we got on the radio again and it wasnt long before griff had turned up to pick the deer up to take to the larder for us, these deer have very good body weights for scottish red deer so it helps loads when you dont have to move them.

    The hind in the photo weighed 140 pounds. So that was the end of the week for me 6 stalks 2 deer and loads of deer seen and danny also got one. So I had a great week and meet some great people while I was there, The stalking is not easy on Arran and you have to be fit but there are plenty of deer there you just have to work for them and not sit on your backside and think you will shoot deer. I think people go there thinking they can stalk deer but when they get to the real world of stalking they dont have a clue and then just moan , but from my time on Arran I think there are plenty of deer they just take some getting. The way the whole thing is run is great and I would tell anyone to go and have a go at real stalking you wont find much better service and advice than Griff and Bob give you.

    I would like to thank the BASC for the weeks shooting on Arran and for all the help that Bob and Griff gave while I was there, I had a great time and will be going back sometime.

    Thankyou 222CWD

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    Thanks for the Post CWD222.

    Never ceases to amaze me the amount of time people will put into fecking around with guns and loads ect, spending time on reading books and watching DVDs browsing the web about stalking and how to shoot more deer and yet the most important thing they need to improve is themselves. 2 or 3 hours a week spent getting a bit fitter would help their stalking no end.

    OK if you are a soft southern latté drinking, man bag type that has only a few acres of woodland to work then you can get away with being a lard arse, but when there is big plantations or open hill to work it always seems to be the fitter men that bring the deer home.

    A waiting incoming from all the man bag carriers.


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    Speaking as a ' soft southern latté drinking, man bag type that has only a few acres of woodland to work, and 'with a lard arse', I take absolutely no offence at all. Thanks Thar.

    Great write up CWD222 sounds like you had a brilliant time. It sounds like us latte' drinkers ought to give it a mis.


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    It is a problem for us lowland boys, fortunately my job keeps me plenty active enough so i don't struggle up on the hill, still I'm 6 foot and only weigh 11 stone so i don't think i quite scrape into the lard arse catergory yet!
    Had some fun on Roe in some steep clear fell in October, wouldn't have coped if I'd been a bloater!
    Sorry Thar!

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    Seeing you have Successfully hunted Tahr fair chase I guess you would not be unfit.

    Best rgds


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    Well done mate
    another adventure under your belt. Looks like a visit worth while. Look forward to swinging a lantern in the near future, but need the ability to time manage !. Griff and Bob I think I would like to share some time up there looks like my kinda country, credit to your organization, Duncan knows his stuff and doesn't waffle.
    Regards Trapper

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    Well done Duncan
    just proves that if you put the time in on the ground you get the results.


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