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Thread: 30-06 brass

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    30-06 brass


    I'm after Norma or Federal 30-06 once fired brass for reloading, still with old primers and not messed with nor excessively tarnished/manky.

    Can't afford to pay for it, but will cover postage and will return favours where I can (non-sexually of course)LOL

    equally, I'm after a Classic Lee Loader in that caliber if anyone has one they're not using. I can offer 15-20 if in decent condition. Otherwise I will order on Ebay from the US for 25, but postage is expensive and the waiting game is painful..


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    order a lee loader off tim hannem reloading, ive had 2 off him 243/308 priced at 30 quid inc postage

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    hi pkl where are you based i have both norma + federal brass pm me for mob number atb the highlander

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