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Thread: The British Shooting Show

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    The British Shooting Show

    Is anyone thinking of going to the British Shooting Show at Nottingham in Feb????? could be an idea for a meetup and if your thinking of going for both days then a good chance for a pissup .

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    First I have heard of it, just looked it up, I think I may well pay a visit given it is just down the road. Thinking of starting reloading in the new year and this could be a good starter for ten.

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    Not been before. Seems worth putting it in the diary. Need to work on the missus for a 2 day pass.

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    I went this year. Didn't have enought time to get around. Bloody big show. Too damn far away but all being well hoping to get there again................without any money or heavens knows what I might end up taking back home with me.
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    I was thinking we maybe able to sort some car sharing out save on the fuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by marko View Post
    I was thinking we maybe able to sort some car sharing out save on the fuel
    Good idea.

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    Im thinking about going.

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    hi, been last twice its well worth a visit and only an hour from mine so guess ill be there

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    ill be there too probably on the saturday as have competitions most sundays, its a good place to go if youve plenty of spare cash and a willingness to spend

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