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Thread: Fit to stalk

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    Fit to stalk

    Carrying on from the recent discussion on needing to be fit to engage in hill stalking I was wondering how those who don't do a lot of hill stalking keep fit enough to enjoy their days out?

    I have a confession to make that due to committments I've sat on my backside since early October and I'm off into the hills for hinds over the New Year period, so I'm in for a rough few days. I haven't been so unfit in a long time.

    However, usually I try to get to the gym 3 days per week (sometimes I only do 40 minutes, sometimes 1.5 hours) and try to get onto the hill about 2 days per week, at least in the 2 months before stalking. Now, as you might imagine time doesn't always allow for this but in my experience even a little helps. There are two regular "circuits" I do on the hill depending upon time. What I have found is that, in general, when stalking you tend not to move very quickly for long periods of time and so covering relatively short distances quite quickly seems to work well enough to get me fit to stalk. With this in mind the 2 circuits I usually do are about 5ish miles and about 7ish. I try to walk the 7ish mile circuit in about 1:50 and the 5 mile one in a bit less. Now, I'm not saying I always manage to do them in that time but that is my target.

    I try to pick hills that are relatively hard going and I also spend time on the hill for other reasons throughout the year so that helps a little.

    So, what does everyone else do?

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    I feel for the chaps that dont get out enough but its horses for courses and i hope you guide treats you well for me i am out three times a week stalking and dont get any time at the gym.

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    Best for me is Stalking, Wildfowling on the Wash, Foxing on foot and more Stalking!

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    I am always doing some running to a lesser or greater extent. You are correct it makes stalking all the more enjoyable if you are relatively fit.

    I go through phases which vary from a 3 mile run everyday bar the weekend and then to every other day but never less than a couple of times per week. It depends on time and work commitments etc.

    My feeling is that if at least you do something you can increase the tempo etc as you see fit. Being out of it for ages plays on my mind so that is why I am a regular exerciser if that makes sense.

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    It's down to the individual, but after a stalking outing in Comrie where I nearly died, I vowed that I would never go hill stalking again if I wasn't at least reasonably fit. As a result I started running, but when my knees started complaining I got out on the bicycle instead - that was three years ago and I'm still cycling! I get out early mornings when I can, although travelling for work means I'm nowhere near as fit as I used to be. What I found is that being fit I enjoyed my stalking more, even down here in the soft South


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    When I played Ice Hockey, cold and pain never bothered me and I was as fit as a fiddle. I must be getting soft in my old age, now I get out of breath just getting my fags out my pocket.

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    we have a saying hear .there is only one place to get fit for the hill thats on it .i play squash ,ride a bike 10 miles every other eve and drink ale instead of stout

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    I train will my local fell running club twice a week and race at the weekend unless I am stalking.

    I took a guy out at the end of the stags and he shot his first stag with me, he is a big guy 6'4" and weighted 4/5 stone more than me, he started to drag the stag but after 50yrds he was done in I was left to drag it to the road, not far about 100yrds. He did surprise me.

    Best rgds


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    I knew you was a fit bugger, when you lapped us all on the m/s,and had time for a brew!
    I have a rule , no matter how fit/ unfit I personally am , I drag my own beast out . No matter the wheather or distance !. It also makes me think when I am on my own , do I take the shot or just observe. Hard work has never stopped me doing what I love , it just takes a little longer. When I was a sprogg I galloped everywhere, Now I take the advise of the old Bull
    I take my time ,and do the lot
    very best wishes for the festive season .
    Regards Trapper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar
    I train will my local fell running club twice a week and race at the weekend unless I am stalking.

    Just as a matter of interest, roughly how old are you? I'm closer to 60 than 50, got a dodgy hip, 3stone overweight, spot of arthritis here and there, but I managed to pull 2 roe out through fields where you could hardly walk at the weekend. I'm like Trapper these days- 1st thought is the shot safe? 2nd thought, do I want to get that deer up that hill? I'm not being critical in any way, just envious of you fit young bu--ers. Cheers, Pete.

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