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    Coon Dawg

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    My sons, who are keen riflemen , have a very close working relationship with the the family hound, an 18 month old German Shepherd bitch. They affectionately call her the Coon Dawg as she accompanies them with .22 rimfire and .243 alike with a typical Germanic hound intensity. The coon hound bit comes from when she treed a vixen, the vixen hissed and spat, Eva sat under the tree and just howled, just like in the film The Fox And the Hound, which my kids loved. I have read many different accounts of which dog makes the best scent hound, I think that I side with the chaps who say, its your canine companion of whatever breed that does its best for you. I have to say, touch wood, that the coon has so far not failed to find, priceless. To be absolutely fair, in every case she has had a hot scent and no contamination, that is always good advice, guide the hound onto the strike, stay off the trail. Regards Nick
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    Is that 'Eva' after Ms. Braun? Nice looking dog mind.


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    Not really, it was chosen not as an allusion to National socialism, but as a short snappy Germanic female name. And I once knew a small dark sinful girl called Eva, but thats another story that my missus wouldn't like.

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    I too have a GSD - a pup (10 months) who has a great nose - and as you say an intensity when on the scent. I think she'd make a great tracking dog - so I'm about to get here assessed by a local trainer (as I know nothing of these things) - just over the border from you. I also think this will give her something to do as she is very bright.

    Eva is a fine looking dog - I shall be expecting mine to look just as well at the age!

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    Thanks Eric, If I can help in the training, i.e if you want to bring your pup to watch Eva trail you are welcome. At ten months old she will grasp the basics quickly in a controlled situation of following a blood trail and The Find. I started mine off with easy finds then gradually made the trail "thinner" and for a longer distance. I dont pretend to be an expert, you learn the hard way. regards Nick

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