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Thread: 7 weeks off now, DSC1 April 2012, Any one willing to show me the ropes?

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    7 weeks off now, DSC1 April 2012, Any one willing to show me the ropes?

    Good Morning all,

    Very keen bloke here with 7 weeks leave now, looking for some stalking experience on and off the ground. I have my DSC1 booked for April next year and i'm currently reading through "The deer stalking handbook" for a good solid knowledge base. If there are any members close to Exeter that want a hand over the next few weeks please get in contact. I have my own transport and stacks of motivation.



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    you've got PM royal

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    Many thanks Graeme for the PM. just need some thing a little closer, PM sent back explaining situation. Still open to offers if any one has the time?



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    Hi Carl I am in Gloucestershire if I can help, just ask.
    Regards Nick

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    Pm sent



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    Hi carl you can come out with me if you fancy a trip to plympton.
    I manage a large herd of fallow and i am going there tomorrow
    at 6am .You can come out with one of my stalkers .
    We stalk from high seats mainly. I have 26 on my estate.
    Come have a look around .You cant shoot them till you have your level 1
    regards brian

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    Many thanks Brian, only got your message now as I was out late last night after Charlie ! Missed opportunity there !



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    Hiya Carl

    A mate of mine has a website for DSC1 revision. Has all the questions and answers and deer id photos. Infact you can even have a trial beforehand to see how you like it. Just an idea for when you're closer to the date. And he's even got an offer on - see this thread -

    Hope it's of some use to you



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