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Thread: Big Medal Muntjac

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    Big Medal Muntjac

    Taken by a Danish Client in Norfolk.

    He was an old boy that must have enjoyed a good scrap, notice the missing ear.

    13.5 / 12 CM in Length.

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    Have you scored him?


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    All things being equal and as long as there is a decent span and the brow points are more than 1cm each this should be a Gold somewhere in the mid-high 60s CIC points.

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    Nice buck and photos mate!
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    Thanks guys the client was very happy.

    I did a quick measure up and worked out he would score about 60 he is being measured professionally so will let you know.


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    Any idea what this would score? I know its a guess looking at a photo.


    Attachment 10590

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    Impossible to say without some measurements but if you can supply the length of each antler, the length of each brow point and the inside span at the widest point then muntjac are possibly the easiest species to give a rough score for.

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    lhs 115mm rhs 108mm brow tine's 10mm and 8mm inside span 118mm

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    Here he is up the right way..........

    Very nice head,a real old warrior

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