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Thread: third eye tactical sound mod .22 to 6mm, buying a ase jet z compact.

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    third eye tactical sound mod .22 to 6mm, buying a ase jet z compact.

    I Have only had this since i got the new 243 so about 2 months, i do like it but i wish to move on to a ase jet z compact,in 1/2" UNF 20 tpi

    the moderator is top class and the build quality is stunning to say the least (there is a write up on it on the forum). and is built to take you from .22 to 6mm calibres.

    there seems few few marks anywhere that are worth talking about

    it has only seen 8 rounds from my 243 ans 2 from my 20 tacical and on both rifles it works extreamly well.

    it comes with the box and ITS ON TICKET,

    so Face to Face or RFD to RFD with shipping costs i will have it shipped to your RFD within the uk mainland,

    Living in Wiltshire i most likley paid more than others but i think my price is fare concidering its lack of use.

    i am asking just 200 shipped,

    Please note: The mod will come fully boxed etc, Also the rear barrel bush is as new, it was not drilled outAttachment 10589 to fit any barrel i simply left it off,its not in the picture as its in the box in the loading room.

    the thread is 1/2" UNF 20 tpi

    the new spartan from third eye tactical.

    Customer feedback regarding our well established EVO8 Sound Moderator has resulted in the Latest offering from Third eye....

    The Spartan Sound Moderator is new to the Market and offers a number of revolutionary Features including Aluminium 7075 Super deep dished Baffles with each one incorporating its own Stainless Steel Blast centre to help significantly reduce Gas Cutting. Another stand out feature is the incorporation of an integral Muzzle Brake within the Moderator to help with Gas dissipation and Recoil reduction. Disassembly of the Moderator is made easier due to the way the Baffles slot together to allow removal as one unit eliminating the possible 'cockling' of the Baffles within the tube during Disassembly.
    Because of these innovative features, we have been able to reduce both the Diameter and the weight of the Moderator whilst no compromise has been made regarding the Sound reduction.
    Both over Barrel and Barrel end mounted units are available.


    Available with .22/6mm or FITTED WITH THE .30 Cal Baffles

    Comes complete with strip down key. and rear bush that will need sizing if used,

    Suitable for Calibres upto and including .30/06 Spr

    third eye sparton,

    220mm long
    140mm of that is added to the rifle barrel lenth
    40 mm Dia.
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