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Thread: best scope mounted light

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    best scope mounted light

    Hi Guys

    Im after a scope mounted torch style lamp for max 100 yards, can you guys reccommend one ??

    just a few things im after

    (1) fairly lightweight

    (2) switch on via a touch pad thing

    (3)rechargeable etc etc



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    Dave, there are loads - what's your budget?
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    The Jetbeam BC40 is excellent for use out to 100 yds. For rabbits it's the best I've come across as the beam is not too tight. Some of the LED lamp/torches I find have such a tight beam it's difficult to find the rabbit again if it moves.

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    +1 for the Jetbeam BC40. Perfect on my rimfire for bunnies. Gets used for walking the dogs at night too !

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