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Thread: A new one on me.

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    A new one on me.

    Had a chap ring up and book 3 days in january tonight, nothing strange there you say.
    I asked for deposits and he agreed.
    Then he asked for a hotel, not a pub.
    Ok we have a couple but they are expensive.....He agreed, then asked if they would allow pets? No they won't I said.
    Could I sneak it in?, he enquired.
    You can't leave it in your room I said so not the done thing. You will be found out.
    I will bring it stalking he said.
    What sort of dog is it?. I said.
    Its a monkey he said, but only a small one
    Thats a first for me.
    Anyway i suggested he booked with another guide.
    Watch out lads.


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    How small? could it help with dragging?

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    He's bringing Monkey spanner with him
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    Quad sticks

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    was it johnny vegas and was it gun shy

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    You must have had a few monkeys out already John .Dont be a kill joy

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    That was probably Robbie Williams mate!

    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Tell him he can bring the monkey of you can charge him a monkey
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    wasnt called bubbles by any chance was it ? the monkey that is

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    It should be ok if it dose something wrong you could always spank your monkey

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