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Thread: Carbon steel blades

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    Carbon steel blades

    What's the advantage of forcing a patina on the blade as opposed to just using it normally and wiping dry after using and letting it do it's own rusting?

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    sorry not answering the O.P.
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    I think the answer is the rust can damage and pit the blade making it difficult to clean properly. the patina has formed a barrier to stop additional corrosion.

    stole this from another forum:

    A patina is similar (although much less effective) process as bluing or browning like on many firearms. It is oxidation of the surface and can prevent the red/brown rust that causes pitting.
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    Hello ferretmanabu.
    What's wrong with wiping the blade clean on moss or grass then another dry wipe on your trouser leg or hankie once all the blood has been removed ? - blood being the main cause of rapid corrosion. I used carbon steel knives for years before stainless was on the knife market and never had a problem with rust - just take proper care of it - keep it clean and oil it. The oil can be removed on the moss before carrying out the gralloch.
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    Thanks ecoman. I've been wiping the blade clean and oiling it when I get home after cleaning, but still noticed that there were a couple of spots marking the blade. Not rust, just darker spots. I was worried they might become rust spots.

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