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Thread: Slow server last night

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    Slow server last night

    For those of you who noticed a slow response on the server last night for about 45 mins here's why:

    (from our hosts)

    Last night at 18:12 GMT we experienced a very large UDP Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack directed at a server on our network.

    This massive DDoS attack caused a saturation of network uplinks. This caused a period of packet loss and network instabiity which lasted approximately 45 minutes while engineers were working to identify and pinpoint the source and target of the DDoS attack.

    Once the target of the DDoS attack had been identified it was null routed by our upstream transit providers enabling our engineers to get network service back online and return normal service.

    We believe the issues were due to the scale of the DDoS which had saturated the uplinks of our network equipment.

    We are currently in the process of making a very significant investment in upgrading our core network and external link capacity, as well as implementing further upstream enhancements to our DoS-protection systems. We expect these combined measures to be in place early next year and we are making the investments with the objective of ensuring that no single DDoS can affect more than the targeted server(s).

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this issue has caused.


    Memset Operations Team.
    Translation: nasty hacker types attacked a server on their network and swamped the lot. They fixed it. They will try to stop it happening again. Sorry. End.

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    Maybe thestalkingdirectory pissed someone off ?

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    Our server wasn't the target thankfully!

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    Reminds me,Must watch TRON & MATRIX back to back, might learn what they were chattering on about.
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