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Thread: Hi from a newbie

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    Hi from a newbie

    Hi all

    I have been looking at your site for a couple of weeks now and have finally decided to join.

    I live in the north east of Scotland and have been shooting since i was nine under the watchful eye of my father who had started me well.

    I have two great areas for stalking in the north east on is in a large plantation and the other is a estate with mixed ground which is great for roe.

    Cheers Eslie

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    Fineally got round to it then chuckles ???.

    Welcome aboard...

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    great to see you on here chuckles
    all the best you other mate bruxie

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    Welcome to the site, where abouts are you? I am also in the North East of Scotland.

    Hope you enjoy this site, I do, I have gained so much from it over the last year, met several site members and ALL have been extremely positive towards me and everything I have asked on the site.

    Look forward to your posts.


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    Were abouts are you in the North east ??.


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    Welcome aboard


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    Welcome to the directory Eslie.

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