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Thread: caution to devizies area stalkers

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    caution to devizies area stalkers

    ive just had a text message from the farmer where i do some of my stalking saying that he has found padlocks cut off of gates with rut marks all over the wheat and barley and with a good population of deer and hares on the ground it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out the coursers have been about, i have no idea of the vehicle used but there obviously pretty serious to go tooled up for padlocks and be braison enough to go around in broad day light, this is the 1st time i know that ive had coursers on my ground but i have had my suspisions in the past and i must admit it has really pissed me off so any other stalkers in the devizies area please be aware someone is doing the rounds at the moment

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    It's the same just down the road from you in the Chippenham/Malmesbury area.

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    this is a real problem on my land , once the dog men know theres deer on your land you have a big problem.

    theve cut several locks, ripped gates clean off, stole things and they dont give a dam driving though crops etc

    just be warned these guys are normally hardened criminal do not confront them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We had two sets of padlocked double metal gates stolen off my ground yesterday, now i'm expecting them to come back with dogs for the hare and deer and no gates to hold them back or slow them down this weekend !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    It's the same just down the road from you in the Chippenham/Malmesbury area.
    i know what you mean its some lovley open ground all out that way as is a large estate i control the foxes on near corsham and even with a full time keeper they still get them about

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    Just watch it's not people stealing the gates for scrap money there's a big increase in metal theifs with the prices of scrap really high. Just a thought for when and if you replace the gates.

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    Sorry state of affairs but things like this will only increase in these times of high unemployment and people with a shortage of work.poaching for deer and hares will i thinke increase as people start doing it for cash and food,lampers of former times have now got NV with the price of venison rising it takes only a few nights to earn enough to buy NV equipment.

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