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Thread: Proper stalking

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    Nope but I had them to it to me had a pair or Roe Does not 10 feet behind me stamping at me on time. One of them ended up in the freezer .

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    Nice one! If he had got any closer he could have hit it on the head with his camcorder!

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    He definitely was not wearing the Le Chameau squeaky mouflon boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by crouch valley View Post
    He definitely was not wearing the Le Chameau squeaky mouflon boots
    Funnily enough I wore mine yesterday, only into town, after cleaning them and one again no squeeks. I did notice that there is a tiny, about 0.75mm, split vertically in one place at the top of the robber welting . They even still have their original laces fitted although I was thinking that they are getting a bit stretched in one or two places now.

    Suppose I had better start putting a bit aside each week towards a replacement pair of boots. Hopefully I can have a bit built up before i have to replace them so it won't be as painful.

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    I've managed two stalking stick lengths about ten foot poked him through the hedge. Couldn't take a shot, he was a fallow as well. I've also walked straight towards a six point sika with 8 hinds standing in middle of field. Got to 50 feet away stopped and brought rifle up then they ran.

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    if had got that close i would have had to of slapped the buck on the ass

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