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Thread: Top Shot

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    Top Shot

    I was browsing the net for information on 'if the world rotates east at 1000+mph and I shoot north 1 mile away would the rotation effect the trajectory if so how much etc'.......And I stumbled upon "LONGEST CONFIRMED SNIPER KILL" -cpl Craig Harrison @ 2.47km! Was it luck....1st shot possible,2nd shot less likley,3rd shot proof that practice makes perfect! Any one have any views on this subject,what do you all think?

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    you want to get out more

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    you not have any toys when you was a nipper?????????????????????

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    when your in your can and theres a fly in it why doesnt it hit the back window when you drive off

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    I was out on the hills while doing this Oh the joys of mobile internet,but you are right I do NEED to get out more! Cracking shot though?

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    Not a rabbit catcher are ya

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    when your in your can and theres a fly in it why doesnt it hit the back window when you drive off
    If you jump up while on a plane why don't you fly off to the back of the plane?Well you do have to aim off by about 6" depending how close to the equator you are....Do you think it was a cracking shot then?

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    Yes it's known as the corriolis deflection, dunno how much it would drift the round though.

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    You know the non stick on frying pans,what do they use in the factory to stick it on,Tod,

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