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Thread: Deal Or No Deal?

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    Deal Or No Deal?

    I am in a position where I can swap my Swarovski 10x42 EL's, my Leica CRF1200 and a minimal amount of cash for a brand new pair of Leica Geovids, either 8x42 or 10x42.

    What do you reckon? Deal or no deal?

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    No deal the lieca,s are not like the older ones and the glass is not as clear.


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    I would say no deal stay with what you have mate

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    Well,as I was in that very same position about 18mths ago I would definitely say deal! I loved my Swaro's but could never remember to carry both,now I just have to carry the bins,and the glass is every bit as good as the swaro's,and better than the old Leica's. I am very glad I dealt!


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    I would also say deal, but try and get your hands on a pair of geovids to try first before making a decision.
    Thats what I did before I sold my binos and rangefinder to buy the geovids.

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    I have a pair of 8.5X42 EL's and a Leica LRF1200Y and bought a new pair of Geovids and sold them within a short while and now back to the binos and LRF 's. If you lose or damage the Geovids you have nothing left and the low light on the Geovids are no where as good as the Swaros. I find myself using the EL's to see a fox and my lamping partner range finding it.

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    I have the swaro 10x 42 wouldn't swap for anything, keep em, you won't find better, mine are fantastic.

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    I did exactly that deal about 6 months ago and ended up with a pair of Geovid 10x42HD.

    After comparing my Swaro's and the Leica's side by side I personally thought that the Leica's had the edge.

    I am very happy with my deal!

    If You would like to compare before you buy you are very welcome to have a look at mine.

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