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Thread: Mods and the LAW!

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    Mods and the LAW!

    Here's the situation,
    I need to replace the mod I've got on my ticket for my .308. I know that I have to show disposal (its knackered so I'll just give it to the RFD).Do I then need a variation for my non numbered sound mod to be replaced with another non numbered sound mod?
    Please tell me I don't need to wait 4 weeks for a replacement steel tube with no moving parts!

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    I believe you'll need to get a variation to cover this !

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    YEP! unfortunatly you do need a variation (one for one) for this my brother just had the same problem as his t8 had split he had to hand it in to the rfd and then apply for a 1-4-1 before he could get a replacement

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    What mod is it and what do you want to replace it with, if it is a t8 and you want to replace it with a t8 speak with jackson rifles and they will do a straight swap.If it is a t8 they will give you about 90 for your old one too

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    Strictly you should do a 1 for 1 but may RFDs will allow you to swap a unknown make and unknown serial number mod for another.

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    If there is no serial number or make on your FAC just go to your gun shop. If he takes your old one and gives you a new one after exchanging some cash who is to know?


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    Just 'sell' it, and buy a new one, making sure that you send in the transfer of ownership papers to the FAO.

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    Well that's a range of answers! From the PITA 4 weeks min plus paperwork thru to a 10 mins at a friendly RFD.

    To answer some of the posts, its a predator 8, the FAC shows no name or number (probably for good reason knowing the FAO) for any of my mods.
    Thanks for the answers guys.

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    i just did a stright swap and sent confermation to the FLO
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Ahhh surely if it's a Wildcat P8 then due to it's modular build you can replace the worn bits. What exactly is worn out?

    My P8 in 300mm length

    That central bit with the stainless blast baffle unscrews and can be replaced on it's own as I understand it.

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