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Thread: cross hairs...

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    cross hairs...

    Guys n gals, guys n gals (as Jimmy Saville would say)

    A seemingly simple question....

    In a scope, is the correct nomenclature for the cross hairs (sic)




    Or is it actually something completely different? I have seen all of the above used in various articles, books and trade literature and cannot seem to get a consensus.

    Any answers or opinions?



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    I belive that "graticule is derived from graduated reticule..
    can't help you with the others.


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    You lost me when you said 'nomenclature'!!! Will someone tell me what that means please!!!!

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    Sorry Andy, had got works head on there Just means name really or terminology or a system of names or terms.



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    Lifted from Wikipedia-

    The word reticle is from the Latin meaning "net", a network or grid of lines displayed in an optical instrument. The minimum reticle consists of simple "cross-hairs",

    Looking at S & B, Swarvorski, Meopta, and Leupold websites the spelling appears to be consistent as RETICLE

    So Reticle looks good to me!

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    I have always known it as Reticle too.

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    I don't know the correct name for the crosshairs but, if any of the above were mentioned I would know what you were talking about


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    Reticle is correct, I think

    A reticule, I believe, is a sort of small handbag for evening wear

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    That's why the last time I looked through the reticule all I could see was a tampon and some eye liner!

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    If I have been away from the site for a while I usually start at the last post and work backwards. You can therefor imagine what kind of thoughts were running through my rather empty head when I read AndyL's last post.


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