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Thread: Pics for Beowulf

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    Pics for Beowulf

    As requested more pics to keep you happy. Well sort of but a bloody mountain biker got into the pic somehow

    Three legged fawn - I usually shoot two beast a year that tangle with the stock fence.


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    Thank you Mark but I count 3.5 legs and about twenty mountain bikes! You know how I feel about mountain bikes!!!
    Are you sure the deer's leg didn't get poked in the spokes of the bike and ripped off!

    Thanks anyway, got anymore piccies?

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    Now you can't go blaming an innocent little mountain bike but you can blame the rider. I have similar problems with them taking short cuts across the farm.

    Heres a little pic for those dark wet evenings. Spot the croc comp.


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    Hi Mark, Is it centre of the picture, right hand side of the furthest pool? Do I get a prize!

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    what about the small one in with the birds

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    That is an interesting farm you have with them flight ponds and crocs.


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    I found the crocs stop the mountain bikers having lunch stops on the water edge Having said that no-one stop by the water edge anyway - can't imagint why..


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