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Thread: Harkila High Bird Suit

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    Harkila High Bird Suit

    I've reluctantly decided to sell my harkila high bird jacket and breeks. I bought the suit in May this year and hung them in the wardrobe ready for the shooting season, then decided it would be a good idea to lose some weight and ended up losing two stone, so now it's all far too big!

    The jacket is size 56. I'm not sure how that translates into UK sizes but my chest was 48 inches and i'm 5'11'' if that helps! I've worn the jacket out stalking 3 times (high seat) and have worn it once or twice out and about, so it's had very little use and is still as good as new.

    The breeks are size 58. I was a 40inch waist. I've only worn them once out on a driven day and I still have the tags.

    You could pick the suit up new from John Norris for 290 earlier in the year. I'd like 225 delivered (UK only) which isn't bad for a harkila suit!

    I'd like them to go together but will consider splitting them if I get offers on both, split prices are 160 for the jacket and 65 for the breeks.


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    id be tempted by the breeks mate, already have the jacket, could you put a pic up?

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    All sold pending payment

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