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Thread: Fallow tree damage/locations N yorks?

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    Fallow tree damage/locations N yorks?

    Just had an interesting call from my dad; he manages a woodland west of Richmond in the Dales and had some interesting tree damage.

    Basically it was diagonal scrapes: 4-5 cm long and 1 cm wide - circa 1m from the ground, he wondered if it was muntys, as he'd run it past some forestry colleagues and a stalker none of whom knew what it was. It sounds like some of the damage fallow can do?

    Any NY stalkers seen fallow in the area (I've seen them around Sutton bank and vale of York - but not west of there)? Any experienced fallow guys seen damage similar to this in the past?

    I don't stalk the wood (it's let).

    Thanks in advance for you comments.
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    I beleive there is Sika to the south of Hawes. Never heard of fallow in the area but there is nothing stoping the odd one from wandering in


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    Definitely not Muntjac at that height! Most Munty damage is usually about 12-18 inches high. Most likely 'Bole Scoring' by Sika.

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    Agreed not muntys, could be bole scoring; he said it looked similar to a tree scribe being dragged at about a 60 degree angle?
    Quite a way north east of Hawes. So could be Sika moving up the dales.

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    Yes Sika sprang to mind with me to, but I have no experiance with the species so I'm sure there are people who are in a better position to judge than me.

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    I,m not aware of any Sika or Fallow or even Red in that area however Roe are present and reports of Muntjac, however Fallow are not that far away and may be spreading into that area as for the markings im not sure which species would make those marks

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    Some kid on a pheasant shoot being a bit too vigourous with his bush beating ?

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    There are no fallow around Richmond and they would have travelled at least 20miles from where they are. The headkeeper from Grinton (wensleydale/swaledale) swore blind he had a big sika stag on his ground last season but I have heard nothing of it this year. (I am also dubious on the ID as our local gamedealer tried to tell me I had shot a sika when I took him a dark fallow!!!!) There are certainly no density of sika/red/fallow round here as I know a lot of keepers etc and they know I'm daft for stalking so I expect I would have heard. Is it possible that the damage was done last year when we had 2-3ft of snow for more than a month and could even then have been rabbits or hares?

    There are almost certainly munties around the catterick area

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    for what it's wrth the fallow damage I have seen is predominantly felling of small saplings in order to eat the juicy top leaves. Felled at about 1m.

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    The answer to is there Fallow west of Richmond is yes but im not sure how far up they go nor on the numbers. I have a farmer who takes the odd guest day with me and he has them on his land and the surrounding area.
    He will be probabaly 20 miles as the crow flies south west of Richmond.


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