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Thread: Trail camera usage

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    Trail camera usage

    I recently bought a Little Acorn trail cam and have been tying it to bits of posts and trees.
    The nighttime pics aren't that good but the videos enable me to ID the animals.
    I have been putting in place for a day to capture night time evidence but then moving it after one day to somewhere else.
    Not sure if this is the best way as the animals need to be left in peace.
    So how long do folk leave them hanging out there?
    Couple of days or a week?
    Security is an issue but realistically so long as it is away from the footpaths it ought to be ok.

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    Hi Jack,

    I've just started to use a trail cam... It had it's first outing just over a week ago and I left it in place for the week. It was 2 days before any pictures were captured but do not believe thats got anything to do with my being in the area before it..

    The camera is now moved and in a new spot on a different piece of ground.. it will be left for the week.

    If security is a concern.. You can buy a steel security case that padlocks the bushnell into the case and you then pass a python lock through the case and through the trailcam which takes seconds.. the whole thing is then securly strapped and locked to the tree/post etc

    This i hope will prevent the casual walker by spotting and taking it.. but it wont stop someone coming back with bolt croppers etc.

    See if theres something similar available for the acorn... and good luck


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    I would agree with Rob, I have had mine about 12 months. What you get varies massively sometimes its only left for a couple of days and pics up loads of stuff. The only down side of leaving them out for long periods is if the batteries go flat after a short period and it's been sat there doing nothing for a week, very irritating . On the flip side i have collected mine after a week or so with over a thousand vids on, to learn i have set it on a pheasant highway.
    I would admit from a security point of view camoflage is the easiest way i have found, i just cut a few corners out of old camo nets to suit diferent surroundings.

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