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    lauriston forest

    Can anyone please tell me whether there is an established red herd in Lauriston forest in d&g or whether it on holds the odd traveller from further into the park?

    Any cull figures, dc or otherwise?



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    There are occasional resident reds in the forestry close to laurieston but not high densities. I know that in an area of around 2000 hectares and will be maybe 1 or 2 shot each year but certainly no more than that.


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    Cheers for the info jamba.

    How far west or north would you say you need to be from there before you get to red country proper?

    Also, do you know of any recent red sightings/encounters east of lauriston?

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    I'm not sure about East of Laurieston but numbers are higher between New Galloway - Glentrool. Forrest Estate have decent numbers as I recall just North of St John's town of Dalry and to the North, Carsphairn Forest must have a good few as well I'd have thought.

    "No matter how much you do.....there's always plenty more!"

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