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Thread: 30-06 bullet weights

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    30-06 bullet weights

    What are you guys using in your 30-06 1:10? I'm thinking of reloading 165g Nosler Partitions, for Sika and Reds. Just working my way through some boxes of Fed 150g SP's for zeroing purposes that will serve as reloading brass + varget + CCI BR LR primers.

    Anyone using lighter/heavier bullets and can discuss merits of why/why not?

    Just trying to get an idea of what is most popular for these species in the aught six.

    oh, anyone have any comments on why varget might not be appropriate and if much better is available for this combination..



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    I shoot everything with 150 grain through my 06 it has shot 125grain to 220 grain it doesnt matter dead is dead,
    Fox to 25 stone red stag with 150s all fell over,
    The only thing that walked was a sika red hybrid but we had watched him for 20 minutes chasing roe arround a field so he well wound up,
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    Varget ok for up to 150gr, but not really optimal as its a bit fast. i would try n160 with a 165gr partition or ballistic tip. You dont really want to end up with a 30-06 giving you 308 velocities but burning more powder.

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    As the 30-06 s just a normal cartridge I would use something like the Speer 165 grain bullet powder is your choice as well.

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    ive loaded some 165gr interbonds and they liked 50grs of varget,had 3 holes touching at 100yds,think they were 20 fow off the lands

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    my06 has a 26"W.L. barrel fitted. Have tried Varget with 165s.poor result. H4350, 58 gr with 165sp touching holes 100mtrs. H414 ,56.2gr with 165sst's same result. N165 ,58.3gr with 165 Sierra hpbt same result. hope this is helpful to to you.

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    I prefer heavier bullets in 30-06. Usually 180-220gr. But 180gr SP can still be quite damaging on roe, but maybe Partitions would be good.

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    The 165's are a good bullet for deer. I've been using some PPU 165 grain BTSP's over RL-17 lately in the 30-06. You definitely don't want to hit muscle or bone with these if you are a meat hunter. Lung shots were devastating, resulting in the deer basically collapsing on the spot. As Brit suggested, and I agree completely, "bonded" bullets aren't necessary for deer sized game in the 30-06.~Muir

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    I have shot a few now with 165 SP and they dont go far (6 droped on the spot 1 went 20m).


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    180s will do pretty much anything that I would want to with a .30-06, but 165s also work...

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