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    RCBS press bush

    I need to remove the bush in an RCBS Rockchucker press as I have just purchased a set of Hornady Lock-N-Load conversion bushes. The press is circa the mid 80's and with the standard bush being of a low profile I don't fancy chewing it up if it's tight. Has anyone else removed one of these ? I'll probably ask a friend in the motor trade to tackle it with a windy wrench.

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    Yes I have taken the one out of my Rockchucker and I brought that used about 12 years ago and the previous owner had had it a long time so god only knows actually how old it is.

    I dismounted the press and carefully clamped the hex head of the bush in a 6" bench vice and then just unscrewed it. Had tried with a big wrench previously but it started to slip. The Vice worked perfectly.

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    That's a great idea BH, I have an old heavy weight 6" jaw vice which would hold it I'll give it a whirl. Have you tried Hornady Lock-N-Load bushes ?

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    I removed the press from the bench and plugged the die bush up, with the press inverted in the vice I filled the bush past the top with releasing oil and hour or so later I removed the oil & plug and with a single tap from a plastic mallet the bush turned as free as the day it was originally installed HURRAY !! Thanks again Brithunter for the tip.

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    Your welcome.

    As for the Hornady bushes nope I have not even seen them as Thar put it in another post I am a dinosaur living in the past .

    If I need to set up more dies I still have a Lyman Spar-T press which can hold Six dies at once.

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