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Thread: Crew cabs

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    Crew cabs

    Its been 3 years soon since I got my hilux crew cab.
    Its bomb proof.
    Think the accountant will tell me to change it in feb at my year end.
    trouble is I have had a look for another hilux but newer (under 4 years). I cannot find anything that takes my fancy or ticks the boxes.
    There are loads of L200's, rangers and others.
    What can you tell me to avoid or look out for if I look else where from toyota.
    Thanks in advance, John.

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    I had a Ranger in my last job, I was very happy with it. It was the supercab version which probably wouldn't be ideal for you but I can't imagine the full double cab would not be equally as good. Got to be worth a test drive. Glyn

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    Toyota is hard to beat but if you can move away from a crew cab to a double cab there are some to look at. Nissan - work bought one and I wouldn't have it as a work vehicle, but we did test drive all the locals, except LR. Isuzu - base model is hi spec, good mpg (any towing to do? Izusu pulls more than most at 3 ton), good reliability, any vat reg. garage will keep it in warranty, works well off road (tyres allowing) but not a landrover! as only has Ltd slip diffs and no locking diffs. 1 ton capacity in the back and drives well with 300 KG+ in the back.Good service interval. Base pad of back seat may lift up (more space for kit without killing the seats) depending on year / model tested. Down side is the parts really cost if it goes pop when out of cover and sounds rough on cold mornings till it warms up. Got the back of mine spraylined to help it put up with the saws, fuel, logs etc that go in it. Also helps with washing out after a good morning.
    Why you not getting another Toybota? They seem to have gone a bit plastic lately and I've never got on with how light the back end is when empty.
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    Sorry dave I meant double cab.
    I'd love toyota but finding one within 100miles of home with under 50,000 and under 4 years has been impossible.
    if one comes along I will have it, but wanted to look at alternitives if nothing shows.
    ps no towing.
    pick up will be full of dead deer, water barrels or bags of wheat or/and dog box.

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    Have a look at a rodeo 2.5 td then, the rest get well bling - 17" wheels etc. All depends how you get in with them, but I like mine.

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    Don't get a new shape Navara with more than 50k on the clock, they've had bad press with engine failures after this mileage. Mine was fine upto 40k before it went back, but wouldn't trust one with over 50k. Toyota's are hard to beat.


    P.s - we travel all the way to Heathrow to fly around Europe, but you won't look further than 100 miles? I bet weeman would love a day out and a picnic somewhere!
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    I know it's not a hilux, but I have a Toyota Landcruiser Colorado. It is a 1998 190k miles and it still feels the same as when I bought it 8 years ago with 50k. Still only needs service and mot each year. Still the original exhaust, batteries etc. If you're hilux is bombproof why change to anything else ??

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    no tax relief left in it now.
    just thought accountant might tell me to change it, may as well have a newer truck as give my money to I.R.

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    Just get any truck with at least 500 miles on it.

    You know you need "at least a Monkey"


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    Local keeper is on his 5th set of springs for his hilux. Newer L200's are spot on with plenty oomf and good on the fuel too (37mpg). Low yearly tax as its classed as a semi-commercial, takes a pallet with 1tonne on no problem. Only thing I find with the L200 is the side mirrors are a bit awkward for shooting from the window! Mereside will hopefully be solving that problem soon
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