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Thread: Anyone ditched their rimfire for a small cal CF?

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    Anyone ditched their rimfire for a small cal CF?

    As per the title, has anyone moved on their rimmy and replaced it with a small cf, say .17 rem/FB or Hornet etc? I'm just wondering if, as a reloader, the cost is that much more than a HMR but with big gains to be had on range/fps etc.



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    I'd prefer my .222 Tikka rifle over a 17 HMR any day.
    Cheap to reload, effective and very accurate.

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    I always have issues with my .22 until I buy a slab of Mini mag, the very few pounds for them always makes me smile. Can the CF's ever compare like that?

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    The chap that taught me to reload used a .22hornet exclusively for small game and vermin. he cast his own bullets and if I remember rightly had a tool for making jacketed bullets out of fires .22lr cases. he could do it very cheeply but he lived on his own without a tv and was probably glad of something to do of a evening. probably took years off his life melting all those wheel weights on the cooker while he was cooking his tea!

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    I would never get rid of my rimfires 22 and 17hmr..i also use 22 hornet, 17 rem and 223 all 3 i reload for..i find there is always a use for the rimfire on various plots of land where larger cals are not safe.

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    Sold my HMR over a year ago abd do not miss it. Got fed up of the inconsistency so now I just use my humble 22lr and 223. I can reload for much the same price as HMR ammo give or take a few pence.
    In time when funds allow I may apply for a 17 rem or 17 fireball.


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    Makes sense to me. I have a HMR but I do not rate it as a serious round for vermin control.

    I have a 22/250 which is in a different league, but I think a 222 or a 20 tac might be in the gun cabinet next year, the HMR can go up the road.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I believe that if one hand loads then the .222 Rem or the .22 Hornet can do everything a .22 Rim fire could do and more of course but I would never get rid of the .22 L/R myself as I simply like the rifles too much.

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    I will be buried with my Anschutz....

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    I have often considered selling my HMR (my third) and replacing it with either a Hornet or 17 Fireball. But, despite the HMR's performance shortcomings, I hang onto it because I like its convenience.
    I also have a 223, and sometimes reloading for it can be a PITA, so I'd probably find the Hornet or Fireball the same. If required, I can always download the 223 to Hornet power levels, and though the Fireball looks interesting I doubt it would add any benefit over the 223 when loaded to full potential. Finally, .224" bullets are and cheap and plentiful, and this might not quite be the case with .172" ones.

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