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Thread: 30-06 pro hunter

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    30-06 pro hunter

    i have just purchased a mannlicher pro hunter 30-06 and was wondering if anybody out the has one and if so what did they find the best bullet combo they found was best for that particular weapon.
    any help would be much appreciated.
    oh and its for shooting sika , red and boar

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    I wonder why people insist on asking this question as what one rifle/barrel likes is often not the same as the next one of the same make so the only way to find out is actually try some ammunition in your rifle.

    Some ammunition like the Federal Fusion line seems to get good reports from a fair few users. I found it shot well in the three 270 Winchester chambered rifles I tried it in, that was their 150 grain 270 Winchester loading, so would assume their offerings in other calibres and chamberings would be of similar quality however the only way to find out if YOUR rifle likes it is try some through it.
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    i have had 3 pro hunters and what brit says does hold some weight .all my pros didnt like winchester the 243 didnt like the odd federal nor did the 308 but the 243,6.5,and the 308 all loved norma ammo it is reliable consistant and EXPENSIVE but hey ho one carcase and a box is payed for .good hunting
    norma 308

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    that was the sort of reply i was looking for just a rough idea before i go out and buy 4-5 different brands to find out which it liked and didnt like .
    many thanks

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