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Thread: Missing person?

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    Missing person?

    What happened to 300wsm? He was the only person that said hello to me on the introductions and now he appears to be gone and I look like 'Billy-no-mates' again He seemed very knowledgeable with a lot to give the site looking at his older posts before they strangely disappeared. Surely he can't have been banned as I believe he was a 'Mod' wasn't he?? Anyone know where he has gone or if he is coming back??

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    Your not Billy no mates Monkey spanker, so hello from me

    There are lots more people on here that are as, if not more knowledgable so ask away, you will get plenty of help.


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    Dont know if i can help but i will talk to you

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    Thanks guys, It's nice to feel loved
    Not literally of course!

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    He s been removed and it looks like swampy has gone also but hey i have been removed from a few sites in my time and it hurts but not for long .Then there are the ones that come back in different guises there the sad ones.

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    Swampy has left the directory??

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    Deer in a wheelbarrow???!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny
    300 was banned for posting a pic of a deer in a wheelbarrow
    A deer in a wheelbarrow? Christ that's worse than whistling on a Tuesday! Was it still alive or something?
    I'm not sure if I'm missing the point here, but that doesn't seem like too much of a crime. Afterall, the thread on Gralloching has a picture of a pair of deer Tezzers dangling from a Tree!?
    Surely a weeks ban is ample for such a crime?

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    Don't know what happened with Swampy but I do know that there has been a fair few things about 300wsm which have rattled many a cage along the way. Mine included on a couple of occassions. I am afraid that it was very often his way or no way! Not sure which straw broke the camels back but it's spine was definitely under a lot of pressure!
    Anyway, speculating about this sort of thing never ends up with the correct answers so why bother! Admin have a site to run which is not always easy and means that occasionally someone will trip in a furrow!

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    It would need to a kin big furrow put him in Andy, and if Wadas was there he'd be filling it in with all those bags of spare tie wraps

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    Hi all,
    Being new to this site this thread does surprise me how anybody has "been removed" for posting a picture of a deer in a wheelbarrow!!
    I have used this means of extraction before to remove deer from high ground to lower levels.
    I shall certainly be far more careful about posting any posts after this !!

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