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    I've just done a Riflebasix conversion on my CZ 550 American in .243, so I went into the kitchen yesterday afternoon and said to Kim, my other half, "feel my trigger", then she whispered, "no, my mothers in the front room".

    Is it me?

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    Feel my trigger

    kernel, ask that question in my household-- no reply, just a stare, it's an age thing!! downwind.

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    I take it that you didn`t get your head blown off then.

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    TRY balancing a bag of sugar on it " 2,2 lb should be ok before it goes off!
    Then ask if thats ok!!

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    Rumour has it that it needs adjusting, cos it goes off at the slightest squeeze!


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    just the most gentle tickle is all it needs!!

    Kernal, what do you think of the rifle basix? did you go for the direct trigger or the single set version? How is it, still haven't got one for my rifle and can't find a timney anywhere....

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