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Thread: Bucks cast yet

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    Bucks cast yet

    Anyone seen the older bucks with their antlers cast yet? still firmly attached around here..just curious.

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    On our pheasant shoot there was an older Roe Buck that ran out through the undergrowth Saturday before last on one of the drives. He still had his antlers then. This week the same fella ran out in exactly the same place and he had cast his antlers. I quickly checked my pocket info card I carry and found that yes, Roe should be casting their antlers in November

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    Cast around here
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    PKL i had a superb buck with velvet up to the tips of his ears in early november he was not really old but a very large mature beast.

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    do you mean he's cast and re-set his antlers by early november, or he was still in velvet from spring this year (hence shot out of season)?

    just curious,

    best regards,


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    No he is still alive and the Antlers will be his 2012 set and i am sure he will be a real specimen.

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    Out of a drive on a big phesant shoot in South Yorkshire yesterday came a cracking 6 pointer in full velvet,
    the keeper who knows his deer said he has been like that for 2 weeks .

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    thanks for clarifying. it was when you said you 'had', ie assumed you meant 'shot' - apologies.

    in any case, that is very early for such a big buck, but then, I guess they cast and reset antlers earlier down south.

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    The "big" lad on my patch has cast 1 of his handlebars, havent found it yet! will see if hes lost the other by this friday!

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    Saw one this AM with only one side on. finally I am seeing groups of deer this one was with four others looked like 2this years 2 mature does.there is only 1 this years now

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