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Thread: 243 Ammunition for Browning X bolt

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    243 Ammunition for Browning X bolt

    I'm looking for a single load that will legally cope with Small deer and foxes, has anyone out there using an x-bolt in 243 found a Brand and weight which ticks all the boxes

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    Are you reloading, then 87g hornady BTHP. If not, Federal 85g HPBT (SGK heads).

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    No Im not reloading, as much as I think I would love it I do not shoot enough through the X bolt to warrant it

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    hawksthorn,I use 100g soft point federals with my x bolt the blue box & they work well for me,
    atb Andy

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    As PKL say the Federal 85 gr BTHP is a very good round. But it does a lot of damage to the animal/deer you shoot ok for Charlie. I think the x bolt has a 1 in 10 twist so 85 should work great. I shoot the 85 gr in my Ruger 1 in 9 twist rifle and get on well with them. I'll be trying the federal 100 gr soft point this weekend. I'll let you know how i get on with them. They are about half the price of 85 gr and easy to get hold of too, un like the 85 gr.

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    100grn Federal SP works in my browning .243 a treat, found this a good all round bullet weight, grouping is also good

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    norma 100grn soft point ,expensive but good ,exellent results with sst hornday superperformace but a bit too harsh on deer.d

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    You might like to try Remington Core-lokt 100gn.

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    Gentlemen thank you all for your advice, lets see what the gunshop has in stock

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    I have a browning a bolt and it loves factory remington 80 grain, it almost clover leafs a 3shot group at 100yards. But there all different, so you need to do some testing.

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